We are a small shooting club based in Kent, with the use of a projectile hall in a council run leisure centre where we meet once a week, for small-bore shooting (0.22 prone)  We also have a Full-bore section that shoots regularly at Bisley, in Surrey, once a month during the spring, summer and autumn months. The section runs both practice shoots and matches against other clubs, and has members with a wide spectrum of ability and experience. Both sections see the training of novice and less experienced shooters as a priority.



To all members. Please note that all contacts to relevant committee members should be made via the contact page and not via phone calls or messages to be passed on.

The website is for member's use, to find information and also for members to contact the committee











Membership is now re-open, fullbore/smallbore.






















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Woodstock Rifle & Pistol Club

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Updated 23th September 2020

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The committee have decided to make the following change to the amount of visits made to the club on Thursdays. Every member must now make a minimum of SIX SHOOTING VISITS per year to the club. This has been done due to people just turning up and not shooting, as we can not cover  the cost of the range hireand for members who just want to keep their FAC. This is not financially fair on the club which pays to hire the range to shoot on it. It is your club, please use it. This is in imediate effect.

Many thanks


Paul Ballard

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Many thanks to the Swallows Leisure Centre for providing a stair lift for our disabled shooters, which has already been used by a member.

Now we have this lift we have the facility for many others.

Very much appreciated to you all.

To All Members


20th September 2020


Hi all.

Many thanks for all that turned up to the shoot on Sunday 20th September. As you all shot on a system of electronic target that was new to myself, it was a bit of an experiment, I was extremely impressed by the way that it worked on most of your own mobile devices. Michelle was trying to make it work on her computer and iPad to get your shots printed out as we had a mobile printer with us, and at the time we managed to save and print one of the score sheets when the internet went down, so with the tech we have, it should be possible on the next time we use that system to get your scores printed as you shoot your detail. As it stands, we have managed to save most, if not all, of your print outs. These will be printed off for you.  Also, as the year has been very hard, I would like to get as many of you to the range to shoot, I would like to add that if you say that you will attending the shoot, and do not turn up, I will still have to charge you for the shoot, as I now have to pay up front and cannot afford to waste money for a bad turn out, and if you only shoot for AM or PM sessions, you will still have to pay for the days shoot, sorry for being so harsh but we cannot afford to waste money in this situation.

As we are now collecting scores for next year, please, if you can try and make the shoots, as all scores count, also, if any fullbore members have not paid their subs, could you please make sure that this is done as we still have to pay for membership to the NRA. If you require bank details, please ask a member of the committee, and they will be able to help you. Please put your name as the reference. All membership cards are produced and will be sent out on receipt of your membership money.

As of yet, we still have no date as to when Swallows shooting will be restarting, I keep emailing the manager of Swallows, but his hands are tied, so as soon as I hear anything, you will all be informed, which I hope not to be much longer, but in the meantime, if you would like to come to fullbore shooting, please do not hesitate to contact me, so you can at least have a shoot, equipment can be provided, as the club have rifles, and I have a varied range of equipment, for all shooters.

Once again, thanks for cooperation and please use the club, we are here to help you, get some range time in.

Paul Ballard

Club Chairman/Captain/RCO/Instructor


To all members. If you need to contact any of the committee members, please either call, email or contact through the contact page, do not email or call Michelle, she is not on the committee, she only helps the club.



Dear NRA Member


Please see below the latest update posted on the NRA website and other social media platforms this afternoon:




In anticipation of a Government announcement on 4 July 2020 we have been conducting a review of shooting on the NSC Ranges.   Our aspiration is to revert to a Covid compliant Safe System of Shooting that closely resembles that which we all recognised as normal, prior to 23 March 2020, whilst preserving the reputation of the NSC and NRA.


Our review has included:


Existing Range Bookings:  The majority of range bookings for July 2020 will be honoured by the NSC.  Unfortunately it is not possible to do everything and you will be notified by e-mail if your booking is cancelled.  If you wish to cancel your booking please do so on the online booking system.


Ranges that are open:   We are working our way through a Road Map coordinated with Government Guidelines.  The outdoor ranges are open and we will start to use the Markers Gallery on Short Siberia from 19 June 2020. We are planning to open a section of Century markers gallery and the Gallery Rifle Ranges on 4 July 2020.  However, relaxation of the 2m social distancing is key to achieving this successfully.


Zero Range: The Zero range will be chargeable, at the range office, from 4 July 2020.


Club attendance at the NSC:  The maximum number permitted to “gather” is currently set at 6 people.  The RO is directly responsible for ensuring compliance.  Multiple groups of 6 from a single club are welcome to attend the NSC.


Conduct of Shooting from 4 July Covid restrictions permitting:  


Timings and range hire charges return to pre 23 March 2020 rates.

NSC staff will “step back” from the ranges. Revised arrival procedure to follow.

A section of the Century Markers gallery will open and we will commence fall backs on the LH side of the range when possible. The capacity for this activity will be dependent upon social distancing guidelines.

McQueens Castle available on Century only













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The club would like to thank Swallows, especially Crag for all of the work that has been done so far in the projectle room. there is more to come, but the improvements so far have made a big difference.

Please see below email which has been sent to us by one of our members.


Like to thank Paul and the committee for getting the new stair lift fitted we tend to forget what the committee does for us in the back ground as a club and the help that the club/committee as given me has been much appreciated Many Thanks Doug