To all members. We are looking for someone who would be willing to mark down at Bisley once a month from the month of March to November, who will be picked up fed and watered, and paid.  Full training will be given. Please contact Paul.






We are a small shooting club based in Kent, with the use of a projectile hall in a council run leisure centre where we meet once a week, for small-bore shooting (0.22 prone)  We also have a Full-bore section that shoots regularly at Bisley, in Surrey, once a month during the spring, summer and autumn months. The section runs both practice shoots and matches against other clubs, and has members with a wide spectrum of ability and experience. Both sections see the training of novice and less experienced shooters as a priority.



To all members. Please note that all contacts to relevant committee members should be made via the contact page and not via phone calls or messages to be passed on.

The website is for member's use, to find information and also for members to contact people.


We are looking into a privacy page where only full paid members can go onto and send emails to certain committee members via the website.

P Ballard








Membership is now re-open, fullbore/smallbore.

To all fullbore shooters, please be aware that if you had a safe

shooting card issued by Woodstock, it has now expired, and you will require a new one, failure to renew your card, will deem you un-able to shoot at Bisley, unless you have another card issued via

another club.

Please contact your club Chairman or secretary about a new card.



Please see below email which has been sent to us by one of our members.



Like to thank Paul and the committee for getting the new stair lift fitted we tend to forget what the committee does for us in the back ground as a club and the help that the club/committee as given me has been much appreciated Many Thanks Doug























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Woodstock Rifle & Pistol Club

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Updated 28th February 2019

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The committee have decided to make the following change to the amount of visits made to the club on Thursdays. Every member must now make a minimum of SIX SHOOTING VISITS per year to the club. This has been done due to people just turning up and not shooting, as we can not cover  the cost of the range hireand for members who just want to keep their FAC. This is not financially fair on the club which pays to hire the range to shoot on it. It is your club, please use it. This is in imediate effect.

Many thanks


Paul Ballard

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Many thanks to the Swallows Leisure Centre for providing a stair lift for our disabled shooters, which has already been used by a member.

Now we have this lift we have the facility for many others.

Very much appreciated to you all.




To all Members

Shooting at Swallows starts at 8.00pm, and not before. Some members have been turning up before this. Paul turns up early so that he can set up the range so that people can start shooting for 8.00pm.


F class competition night will be held on the 14th March, there will be no normal cards being shot on that night. Please turn up, rifles will be available. Novices welcome as well. We want you to shoot the competitions. Please inform others.


To All Members

The AGM will be held at Holy Trinity Church Hall, Sittingbourne, on 13th April, 6.30 for 7.00pm start.


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The club would like to thank Swallows, especially Crag for all of the work that has been done so far in the projectle room. there is more to come, but the improvements so far have made a big difference.

To All Members


There will be no shooting on Thursday 25th April 2019. This is so the floor can be replaced in the projectile hall. Shooting as usual on the 2nd May.