We are a small shooting club based in Kent, with the use of a projectile hall in a council run leisure centre where we meet once a week, for small-bore shooting (0.22 prone)  We also have a Full-bore section that shoots regularly at Bisley, in Surrey, once a month during the spring, summer and autumn months. The section runs both practice shoots and matches against other clubs, and has members with a wide spectrum of ability and experience. Both sections see the training of novice and less experienced shooters as a priority.



To all members. Please note that all contacts to relevant committee members should be made via the contact page and not via phone calls or messages to be passed on.

The website is for member's use, to find information and also for members to contact people.


We are looking into a privacy page where only full paid members can go onto and send emails to certain committee members via the website.

P Ballard









Membership is now re-open, fullbore/smallbore.



Please see below email which has been sent to us by one of our members.



Like to thank Paul and the committee for getting the new stair lift fitted we tend to forget what the committee does for us in the back ground as a club and the help that the club/committee as given me has been much appreciated Many Thanks Doug























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Updated 16th January 2020

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The committee have decided to make the following change to the amount of visits made to the club on Thursdays. Every member must now make a minimum of SIX SHOOTING VISITS per year to the club. This has been done due to people just turning up and not shooting, as we can not cover  the cost of the range hireand for members who just want to keep their FAC. This is not financially fair on the club which pays to hire the range to shoot on it. It is your club, please use it. This is in imediate effect.

Many thanks


Paul Ballard

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Many thanks to the Swallows Leisure Centre for providing a stair lift for our disabled shooters, which has already been used by a member.

Now we have this lift we have the facility for many others.

Very much appreciated to you all.


To all Members


To all members. Swallows will be open from 27th February for all shooters.


The AGM will be held on the 4th April at Holy Trinity Church hall Sittingbourne starting at 7pm. Food and Drink will be provided. Please let us know if you will be coming. Come and have your say regarding the club.


Shooting at Swallows starts at 8.00pm, and not before. Some members have been turning up before this. Paul turns up early so that he can set up the range so that people can start shooting for 8.00pm.



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The club would like to thank Swallows, especially Crag for all of the work that has been done so far in the projectle room. there is more to come, but the improvements so far have made a big difference.

2nd January 2020

Michelle and Paul Ballard

Woodstock RPC



Dear Michelle & Paul


I am writing to say thank you very much for the £300 that you have generously given to Swale Stroke Group. It was very kind of you to consider us and thank you for inviting us to your December shoot to meet the members and to receive the donation on behalf of the Group.

Swale Stroke Group has been running for 10 years. It started with 5 members and we currently have 50. During that time we have assisted approximately 250 people who have had a stroke or their family/friends who have helped them. We are a self-funding group and your donation will help us to continue to keep Swale Stroke Group (SSG) running.

We provide support for SSG members ‘ and their families who are visiting local hospitals, assisting with the parking costs. In the past we have bought a mobile telephone so that patients who are in hospital can communicate with their family. We have also bought a CD player that members can borrow whilst they are in hospital. We do our best to offer free transport to and from SSG meetings. We organise social events and local day trips so you can see you will be helping us very much, so thank you.

In 2016 the Stroke Association nominated Swale Stroke Group for a National award along with other individuals and organisation categories. There were 600 nominations overall. We are proud to say we were presented with “Best Stroke Group award”. If you want to see what we do, have a look a YouTube and search for “Swale Stroke Group”. The is a 4 minute video.

If you would like to visit us you are very welcome. Our Group meets every Thursday between 10.30 – 12.30 hrs ant the Hope Street Centre, Hope Street, Sheerness, ME12 1QH. Meetings for 2020 restart on the 9th January.

I would like to thank you once again for your donation and also for attending our Christmas Lunch on 13th December along with Doug and Charlotte. I can assure you that your donation will be put to good use and to the benefit of the Members. If there is anything our Group can do to help you at all, please do let us know.


Yours sincerely


Janet Avery