Woodstock Rifle & Pistol Club






Due to an incident which happened Thursday 15th January, involving a semi auto firearm, as from the 22nd January anybody wishing to use or instruct with a semi-automatic rifle or pistol, will now have to wear safety glasses to use these firearms, as I have a duty of care to all members. A box of safety glasses have been purchased for the use with these particular firearms. This will include both the instructor and shooter to wear these glasses until the magazine is proved empty and clear and the rifle is placed behind the firing point.

This only applies to semi-autos and not single bolt action rifles, if you do not wear glasses on the firing point, you will be asked to remove the firearm and not be able to shoot.






Cheques should be made payable to WOODSTOCK RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB and sent direct to a main committee member, if you

need an address where to send the money, then please contact

via the contact page.


Members who wish to pay by cash should see a main committee member. Please make sure all subs are paid by the 31st May 2017



Once again we had some problems with members not signing-in at the range. Could we remind all members that it is your responsibility to sign-in each time you shoot with the club. If anyone does not know how to sign-in then please ask the range officer who will show you. If you cannot see a signing-in sheet when you arrive at the range ask the range officer for it.




We would like to start the clubs competitions as soon as possible. Anyone wishing to shoot in these competitions should put there name on the list which is on the notice broad at the Swallows.

This year the F. Class competition will be run on a straight gun score. 10 cards through out the year highest score wins.  



To all members, since I have been shooting with the Woodstock RPC there has only been two lights on either side of the range, and to my knowledge there have been no strikes to the lights. The club has now four lights plus and were not cheap, in the last few months the new lights have been hit several times and will have to be repaired, this is not fair on the other shooters who use the range on our shoot nights so if you hit the lights you will be charged for half the light so it can be fixed, accidents do happen but when the light is hit more than once it is not an accident if you think your sights are out of zero please ask another member who can spot for you and get your rifle back on to zero as the club cannot afford to keep repairing the lights

Many thanks

Paul Ballard   club chairman RCO


A new membership form will be handed out to all existing members, you will be required to have 2 passport size photos which will be taken free of charge. This is to update all existing records. Arrangements for the photos will be made via the website. Please keep checking the website for details.



If there are any dates that you would like booked, I would like to know them so it can be arranged with enough interest, or if you have any clubs you would like to have a small competition against, or share a target with. I have spoke to some other clubs, and this has been arranged, I am trying to keep the cost of the Bisley visits down to a minimum.


Yet again, another light has been shot out, and now it does not work, another 2 have been ordered at the expense of the club. This can not carry on, as the club can not keep paying out for more lights. Accidents do happen, so if you do hit the lights you will be charged for the replacement.

Club Chairman