I would like to thank everyone for coming to the club championship. The weather

was good, a little windy. Good scores were coming in from everyone,

both scope and target rifle.





















It was a cold and wet early start from Kent, and on the way to Bisley, it seemed to be getting brighter and drier, so when we arrived to find the sun shining and a clear sky, with a constant wind, it was a very welcome sight to see the targets.

The 300 yard target was number 89. Paul, Martin and Michael were on the firing point first, and with the others now starting to arrive. Philip, Oscar, George,Phil, Doug, Jackie and Sam. With the wind blowing straight up the range and very cold, every body shot at 300 yards. With some modern and WW2 rifles the scores were all 40 plus. There was an 11am stopage for rememberance day, and lunch time fast approaching, hot drinks and a few cakes being consumed.

We stopped for a hot meal laid on by the London and Middlesex. I had decided to do this as something different, which I think went down well with no complaints, Don even managed to turn up, but did not shoot with us as it was way to cold.

We then made our way back to the 600 yard firing point, which was number 42. With Doug and Jackie first down, Phil and George following, all scoring, everyone had put into the presant bag.

Doug and his group had to be away early, due to another appointment, they took their gifts and opened them, sweets and beer.

With others now shooting, Philip and Michael putting good scores in, along with Sam, Oscar, Martin and Paul.

All the donations given in, we covered the shoot and marker fees.

Gifts were given out to the remaining shooters.

This was a very good Christmas shoot, and we will see everyone soon in the New Year, so have a Happy Christmas and a great New Year


Paul Ballard















































































































Woodstock Rifle & Pistol Club


Woodstock Rifle and Pistol Club Fullbore Christmas Shoot 2017